About this Site

You're probably wondering what is the I.S.S. Thundergust and why this website is laid out like a ship. Well, I'll try to explain a few things.

Shuttle Bay
Hanger Bay
Departing Shuttles
Admiral's Office
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Mess Hall
About the Ship

  • The I.S.S. Thundergust is a science-fiction ship that I have dreamed up. It is in no way related to anything in the "real world." (Wouldn't that be cool though if it was?)
  • This website is laid out in a format that would make it seem like the web user is on a spaceship. (Duh!)
  • Everything on this site is copyrighted by me, Jon. The only thing you have permission to copy and use are the recipes. That means, don't copy the layout, pictures, etc.
  • You must have a good day. If you aren't, you better hit that little X in the upper right corner and then take a nap. ;)


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