The Strike Fighter/Bomber Multipurpose - One Manned Craft.


The Strike Fighter/Bomber Multipurpose Craft is one of the best one manned craft that the New Earth Small Craft Construction Company had ever designed. The Imperium has ordered over one million of these well-rounded craft.  


The Strike Multipurpose Craft has eight anti-fighter missiles in permanent missile tubes and a multipurpose cargo bay. The cargo bay can hold either one small torpedo, four anti-fighter missiles, or twelve dumb fire missiles.


The Strike Multipurpose Craft has two anti-fighter laser pulse cannons and two low-range anti-capital laser pulse cannons.


The Strike Multipurpose Craft can support a pilot for up to five days under normal use, with a theoretical maximum limit of fourteen days. However, most pilots complain about the lack of leg room, since the cockpit is quite cramped. A new design is in the works.


The Strike Multipurpose Craft is 25 feet long, 26 feet wide, and 4 feet high. 


The Strike Multipurpose Craft can be docked either on the deck of a carrier or on special "wall" mounts. 


The Strike Multipurpose Craft is a primarily space based craft that can also be used in a planetary gravity well.


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Strike fighter front view.jpg (13252 bytes) A front view
strike-rear.jpg (11543 bytes) A rear view
Strike fighter top view.jpg (22258 bytes) A top view
Strike fighter bottom view.jpg (20949 bytes) A bottom view
Strike fighter neat view.jpg (12693 bytes) A perspective view

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