The Strike 2 Fighter/Bomber Multipurpose - One Manned Craft.

 The Strike 2 Fighter/Bomber Multipurpose Craft was developed by the Imperium's top secret Technology Development Team. This craft has just entered into limited service on a trial basis. Some people predict that it will completely replace the Strike Fighter/Bomber.

The Strike 2 has eighteen anti-fighter missiles in permanent tubes as well as two medium torpedoes in permanent tubes. Its cargo bay can hold two torpedoes, eight missiles, thirty-two dumb fire "pea-shooter" missiles, or extra fuel tanks.


The Strike 2 has four anti-fighter laser pulse cannons and two low-range anti-capital laser pulse cannons.


The Strike 2 can support a pilot for about five days under patrol usage. However, a pilot is rarely in the cockpit for more than twelve hours. The cockpit is larger than the Strike's cockpit and many pilots that were too large for the Strike are training for the Strike 2.


The Strike 2 is 39 feet long, 56 feet wide, and 7 feet high.


The Strike 2 has both landing gear and docking clamp "foot holds" for compatible carriers.


The Strike 2 is a primarily space-based craft that can be used in a planetary gravity well.


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strike 2-front view.jpg (22242 bytes) A front view
strike 2-rear view.jpg (20087 bytes) A rear view
strike 2-top view.jpg (39006 bytes) A top view
strike 2-bottom view.jpg (35436 bytes) A bottom view
strike 2-port side.jpg (13904 bytes) A port side view
strike 2-neat view1.jpg (31392 bytes) A perspective view
strike 2-neat view2.jpg (43447 bytes) Another perspective view
strike 2-cargo bay-missiles.jpg (45733 bytes) Cargo bay open with missiles inside
strike 2-cargo bay-torpedoes.jpg (43927 bytes) Cargo bay open with torpedoes inside
strike 2-landing gear out.jpg (32627 bytes) Landing gear extended
strike 2-ready to dock.jpg (44083 bytes) Docking clamp "foot hold" ports open, and fuel port open
strike 2-see you later.jpg (7702 bytes) Leaving on main thrust
Perspective view - SolidWorks edition

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